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SubGit/SVN Mirror Documentation

1. Quick How-To

Follow quick how-to set up Git/SVN mirror. These instructions would be sufficient to set up a Git mirror for most of the standard SVN projects.

2. Mirror Remote Subversion Repository

Create a Git repository that will mirror remote Subversion repository accessible over network. Translation from Git to Subversion is initiated on push operation and translation from Subversion to Git is performed asynchronously in background.

3. Mirror Local Subversion Repository

Install SubGit into Subversion repository on the server side. Both Subversion and Git repositories reside on the same server. Translation in both directions is initiated instantly and introduces minimal overhead.

4. One Time Import from Subversion to Git

Perform one-time import of an existing Subversion project into Git. No synchronization is required.

5. SubGit for Gerrit

In order to set up SubGit to work seamlessly with Gerrit, you’d need to install SubGit plugin for Gerrit and follow standard instructions to configure Git/SVN mirror or import your SVN project into Gerrit managed Git repository.

6. SubGit for GitLab

It is easy to set up SubGit to work seamlessly with GitLab. Follow this GitLab How-To to configure Git/SVN mirror or import your SVN project into GitLab managed Git repository.

7. SubGit for GitHub

SubGit allows to synchronize your GitHub repositories with Subversion repositories. Follow this GitHub How-To to setup Git/SVN mirror of your GitHub repository.

8. SubGit for Atlassian Bitbucket Server

For Atlassian Bitbucket Server Git repositories management tool (formerly known as Atlassian Stash) we offer SubGit wrapped as an add-on. Visit SVN Mirror Add-On for Bitbucket Server page for more details. Follow instructions on creating bi-directional mirror of your existing Subversion project and importing your Subversion project into Bitbucket Server.

9. SubGit for Gogs

Gogs is an easy to install Git hosting sofware. SubGit seamlessly integrates to it. Follow these steps to create bi-directional mirror of your existing Subversion repository.

10. Comparison to Git-Svn

From the very beginning, SubGit was developed as an alternative to Git-Svn, so quite naturally SubGit does resolve many of the Git-Svn limitations.

11. SubGit Release Notes

Brief information on SubGit versions history and new features available in each version since version 1.0.

12. SubGit Registration

Without a registration you may use SubGit for evaluation period of 7 days. Would you like to extend this evaluation period, feel free to contact us at

13. Configuration File Reference

Complete list of SubGit configuration options.

14. Branches and Tags Mapping

Overview of SubGit configuration options related to mapping various paths in SVN repository to Git branches and tags.

15. Authors Mapping

Instructions on setting a mapping between SVN users and Git authors.

16. Subversion authentication guide for SubGit

Subversion authentication options for SubGit.

17. SubGit shared daemon REST API

SubGit shared daemon process REST API reference.

18. License types and limitations

All SubGit license types, their limitations and the method of counting Git users.

19. Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions and cases that most often appear.

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