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SubGit (a.k.a. SVN Mirror for Bitbucket) is a perfect tool, but fine-tuning it to your needs may require some special skills, knowledge and experience. We are willing to share it.

All SubGit and SVN Mirror licenses include basic support (e.g. fixes or workarounds for any malfunctioning) at our Support Forum.
We respond within 3 business days. But sometimes that's not enough.

SubGit Guide

  • Detailed instructions for your particular case
  • €1200 (one-time)

Real-Time Support

  • Live session with our engineers via Skype or Zoom
  • €600 (per hour)

Dedicated Support

  • Response within 24 hours to any questions
  • 4 hours of real-time support
  • €12000 (per year)
Not sure, where to start, or have a very unusual environment? Get recommendations and instructions from our engineers!

We will study your particular case (SVN layout, organizational structure etc.) and provide you with recommendations for optimal SVN || Git mirror or import settings.

Please contact us for more details.

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