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What is SubGit

SubGit is a tool for a smooth, stress-free SVN to Git migration. Create a writable Git mirror of a local or remote Subversion repository and use both Subversion and Git as long as you like. You may also do a fast one-time import from Subversion to Git or use SubGit within Atlassian Bitbucket Server.

SUBGIT mirror

Start using Git with zero downtime.

Use SubGit to create a bi-directional Git-SVN mirror of existing Subversion repository. Push to Git or commit to Subversion at your convenience. SubGit will take care of synchronization (learn more).


SUBGIT import

SubGit is the best way to convert your
existing Subversion project to Git.

SubGit works fast, processes huge repositories, preserves all the data and history. SubGit command line interface is well suited for automation and unmanned processing (learn more).



Take your existing Subversion-based projects into Bitbucket Server.

SVN Mirror Add-On for Atlassian Bitbucket Server (formerly known as Atlassian Stash) will pull your existing Subversion project right into Bitbucket Server, as a one-time import or full-featured bi-directional mirror.

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SubGit is more than just a tool.

We offer high quality support for all SubGit users. You will not be left alone in the dark, while migrating precious data from one world to another. Our support team will stay on your side and will help you to succeed.

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SubGit offers company-wide, safe Svn to Git migration approach.

Professional support, zero downtime migration, centralized set-up, extraordinary performance, great documentation — these are just a few of SubGit benefits over other tools and approaches.

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SubGit works in a wide range of environments.

There are plenty of Subversion and Git servers and management systems out there. We've prepared detailed tutorials on how to use SubGit with most popular of them and we'll be glad to expand our list upon your request.

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  • — Works well and very useful for migrations and situations where you need to have both repos working simultaneously.

    — Works extremely well. This plugin is the reason we use [Bitbucket Server].

    on Bitbucket add-on

    Atlassian Marketplace
  • I tried several manual approaches first but just a few weeks ago I discovered SubGit. OMG! This tool is amazing!.. SubGit worked flawlessly for me and the result was just as good, if not better, then the manual approach that I had tried previously. The creators of SubGit have done a seriously good job!

    James Gordon

  • If you're interested in migrations from SVN to Git or would like an SVN <-> Git bi-directional mirroring solution then I wholeheartedly recommend you take a look at SubGit.

    Alex Lewis

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