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Comparison to Git-Svn

From the very beginning, SubGit was developed as an alternative to Git-Svn, so quite naturally SubGit does resolve many of the Git-Svn limitations. In particular, the following benefits of SubGit might be outlined:

Migration to Git, not to Git-Svn


  • Learn how to use Git.
  • Learn how to use Git-Svn (read this page).
  • Start using Git-Svn, encounter one of the caveats, read documentation again.
  • Fit your mind to the limited git-svn workflow, avoid non-linear history and merges.


  • Learn how to use Git.
  • Use Git.

Install once


  • Each developer in your team:
  • Clones repository with Git-Svn (takes a lot of time depending on repository size).
  • Adjusts Git-Svn configuration, making sure it doesn’t conflict with other users’ configurations.
  • Suffers of the numerous Git-Svn pitfalls and caveats.


  • System administrator installs SubGit into your Git or Subversion repository, adjusts configuration, reuses already configured service (e.g. Apache or SSH) for network access.
  • Developers use Git.
  • Nothing is lost in translation

Nothing is lost in translation


  • User runs Git-Svn ‘dcommit’ to ‘push’ changes to Subversion repository.
  • Git commits are translated to Subversion revisions.
  • Another user runs Git-Svn ‘rebase’ to get these changes.
  • Subversion revisions get translated to Git commits.

Run English to Russian and back to English translation on Google Translate service and you will get a rough idea of what may be lost with Git-Svn.


  • User pushes Git commits to the Git repository.
  • Git commits are translated to Subversion revisions asynchronously.
  • Another Git user pulls these very commits from the Git repository.
  • Subversion user receives translated revisions on update.
  • SubGit makes sure that translation is only performed when necessary and as asynchronously (in the background) as possible.

Freedom of tools


  • Only Git-Svn. Only command line. Only linear history.


  • Use Git and any tool you like, be it IDE-integration or standalone Git UI client.

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