Licensing, Support and Upgrade Policies


Under SubGit EULA you may use SubGit as long as you like for evalution purposes without registration. For production use registration is required.

Users Limited Registration

Registration key you’ve obtained may set limit on a number of Git users or total number of users. Once mirror is configured, SubGit counts number of active Git and SVN users. Only committers active during last 12 months are taken into account.

Git users are users who push new commits into repository using Git.

SVN users are users who create new commits using SVN client.

In case committers limit set by a key is exceeded for a prolonged period of time, SubGit will temporary disable pushes and Git/SVN sync until mirror repository is registered with a valid registration key.

Time Limited Registration (for 45 or 90 days)

Time Limited SubGit Registration Key is valid for 45 or 90 days (depending on the key type) since the moment it has been purchased. Upgrades are free during these period of time, i.e. key remains valid for all versions of SubGit published while key is valid.

Perpetual Registration

Perpetual SubGit Registration Key has no expiration time and remains valid forever. Upgrades are free for twelve (12) months since the moment key has been purchased. E.g. Registration Key obtained for SubGit obtained on 19th of October 2012 allows free upgrade to all versions of SubGit published until 19th of October 2013.

Support Options

Refer to SubGit Support Agreement for more details on support we offer. Brief summary:

Basic Support

Basic Support option guarantees one business day reply to your inquires on SubGit and gives priority to your bug reports. You get Basic Support for free with the registration for seven (7) days or may purchase it for twelve (12) months for 4500 EUR (VAT excluded). Support is provided by email.

Time Critical Support

You may extend Basic Support with the Time Critical Support option. With that option enabled there is guaranteed 12-hors response time to your inquires on SubGit. Time Critical Support could be enabled on demand and purchased on per-month basis for 2500 EUR per month (VAT excluded).

Instant Support

For mission critical applications of SubGit we offer Instant Support over Skype or other instant messaging service. This option could be enabled on demand and charged per hour. Price is 80 EUR per hour (VAT excluded).

Please contact us at with any questions you may have on SubGit support options.