SVN Mirror Add-On
for Atlassian Stash!

Create Git mirror of a Subversion repository within Stash. Fast and Simple.

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SubGit Book

SubGit Book comes in two flavors - one explains how to install SubGit into a Subversion repository and another explains how to mirror a remote Subversion repository. Choose the one to read depending on what you'd like to do:

Create a Git repository that will mirror remote Subversion repository accessible over network. Translation from Git to Subversion is initiated on push operation and translation from Subversion to Git is performed asynchronously in background.

Install SubGit into Subversion repository on the server side. Both Subversion and Git repositories reside on the same server. Translation in both directions is initiated instantly and introduces minimal overhead.

Perform one-time import of an existing Subversion project into Git. No synchronization is required.

SubGit Books cover everything you need to know to install SubGit and to adjust it to the specifics of your environment. With examples and pictorial diagrams included.

Brief information on what has been added in SubGit 2.0 since 1.0 version (continue).

From the very beginning, SubGit was developed as an alternative to Git-Svn, so quite naturally SubGit does resolve many of the Git-Svn limitations (continue).

Without a registration you may use SubGit for evaluation purposes as long as you like. For production use choose from Free, Commercial or Open Source registration options, obtain registration key and follow registration instructions.