SVN Mirror Add-On
for Atlassian Stash!

Create Git mirror of a Subversion repository within Stash. Fast and Simple.

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TMate Software was founded in a year 2004 and since that time gathered huge experience in the area of version control software. Its most renowned product is SVNKit - Java version of Subversion. Big idea behind TMate Software is eliminating barriers between developers, be it a programming language or a version control system and SubGit is a bold step in this direction.

Currently, we live and work in Prague, Czech Republic.

SubGit Team

Semen Vadishev - project leading developer, holds M.S. in Computer Science from Saint Petersburg State University. He is a mastermind behind most sophisticated translation algorithms used by SubGit. Semen is greatly interested in a new generation version control systems and his Ph.D. thesis is 'Abstract Syntax Tree Versioning'.

Dmitry Pavlenko - project developer, who makes sure that program core is able to bear load of even the most sophisticated algorithms. Dmitry holds M.S. in Computer Science from Saint Petersburg State University and his Ph.D. thesis is 'Syntax Elements Matching in Version Control Systems'.

Alexander Kitaev - project developer, with 15 years of software development experience does this and that and helps the whole team to achieve its goals if not on time, but at least in a reasonable time.